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Canoes and river
About Us

At StepOutdoors we understand that preparing for an adventure or outdoor trip is a complex mix of fun, excitement, anticipation, careful planning and hard work. If you have been planning your dream adventure, or you are still dreaming about planning your adventure, then StepOutdoors is for you.

We believe that, as you are dreaming or planning, you will want to see highlights from real adventures. Whether your interests are biking, diving, paddle sports, hiking, or fishing, StepOutdoors offers a high quality television viewing experience to help you plan your adventure.

Over the last twenty-five years, we’ve brought high quality adventure and travel programming to traditional television networks such as ESPN, OLN and Discovery Europe. Now we can bring those great adventures straight to you through broadband television. Our camera crews and reporters are actively working in countries around the world to bring you the best and the newest in adventure and outdoor travel.

You can watch StepOutdoors like you would watch any television programming. Or, if there’s something special you’d like to see, scroll through our destinations and activities and then call up the adventure travel story you want to see. When you find a trip that has your name on it, use StepOutdoors to instantly contact our partners and advertisers so that you can plan and schedule your trip.

Who knows, after you visit us, you may find yourself stepping outdoors to the white water rivers of Chile, the pristine blue water fishing of the far Pacific’s Midway Island, or the leisurely pace of a trek through the Spanish Pyrenees.

StepOutdoors. It’s Your Adventure.

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