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Alaskan Chum Salmon

For the light tackle or fly fishing enthusiast, nothing beats the hard fighting muscle of an Alaskan Chum Salmon. Not the biggest of the Alaskan Salmon--a big Chum might run 12 pounds--but, pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish in the river. They've earned the nickname "river tuna" and will keep you plenty busy if you fish with a five or six weight flyrod. Take a trip to Alaska in early July and you will have a chance to catch Chum by the hundreds in rivers across the state.

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Alaskan Rainbow Trout

Tired of all those Alaskan King Salmon and sitting in a boat all day long? Well, pull out some topographical maps on your next trip to Alaska and look for some of the lakes and streams where those salmon are headed. Enlist the cooperation of your local floatplane service and fly on out. There is a good chance that any stream which has a run of salmon will also have a resident population of spectacular, hard fighting rainbow trout. Remember to pack your lunch and keep an eye out for bears along the way!

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Alaskan River Fishing Camp

For the serious fisherman, the only place to stay in your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska is a river spike camp. In just a few weeks, when the big fish are moving into the river, outfitters float barges upstream where they set up boardwalks and small villages with all the comforts of home from warm, soft beds to gourmet cooking, plus personal air service, and your own guide and boat. Best of all, when the fish start to move, you will be right there with them!

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