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Baja Biking Adventure

Mountain biking is a sport just coming into its own in Baja California. Long a playground for fishermen, surfers and off-road dirtbikers, the Baja Peninsula only recently began attracting mountain bikers to its vast collection of unpaved roads.

The operative word when describing Baja biking conditions is "harsh." The original Spanish settlers of this harsh desert land dubbed Baja the land "accursed by God." Chances are the modern-day mountain biker struggling up a sandy road amidst 105 degree heat and 90 percent humidity will utter his or her own choice epithet. Then again, such conditions are merely the price of admission to a region where a day's worth of hard riding can be washed away by a night's worth of lime-soaked mariscos and ice-cold cervezas--all for the average price of a movie rental back in the states.

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Dorado Fishing in Baja

Poised for more action after battling the speedy Skipjack, renowned author and saltwater fly fisherman, Trey Combs, and fellow anglers aboard the Royal Star test their mettle and their fly rods once more, this time against another acrobat of a game fish--the Dorado.

Known variously as the Mahi Mahi and the Dolphin fish, the Dorado is a tough little fighter, who can get up beyond thirty pounds, and here, thirty miles off Mexico's Baja coast, Trey and company get as much action as they can handle, as they find themselves in the middle of a red hot bite.

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Paddling--and hiking--in the Sea of Cortez

For a kayaker who is looking for a wilderness paddle in a unique environment, but is looking to trade some cold northern weather for a little tropical sun, a paddle in Baja's Sea of Cortez may be the adventure for you. About sixty miles north of La Paz you will find the 17 mile long Isla San Jose. It's an easy paddle out from the mainland and you'll find some awesome hiking when you get here. For this is known as a tropical thorn forest. It's a desert of unique and fragile cacti.

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Baja Hiking Tips

In the mountainous terrain of the Baja Peninsula, within sight of the busy city of La Paz at the edge of the Sea of Cortez, you can find some great wilderness hiking. But, this is a desert, and if your adventure takes you out into this country, you will probably want to watch our reporter, David Bolling, as he gives you some cautions which will make your hikes safer and more exciting.

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