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Baja Hiking Tips

In the mountainous terrain of the Baja Peninsula, within sight of the busy city of La Paz at the edge of the Sea of Cortez, you can find some great wilderness hiking. But, this is a desert, and if your adventure takes you out into this country, you will probably want to watch our reporter, David Bolling, as he gives you some cautions which will make your hikes safer and more exciting.

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El Yunque National Forest

Nestled inconspicuously within the interior of Puerto Rico, off the beaten path for most of the travelers who flock here for the warmth and sun, lies a tropical forest a world part apart from the sun bleached beaches and palapas-dotted resorts which round the island's exterior.

If you are longing for something a little more adventurous than sipping Mojitos and renting jet skis by the hour, then maybe a hike in El Yunque is the thing for you.

Part of the extensive US Forest System, El Yunque is the rainiest of them all, so you should expect to get a little wet, depending on your chosen route. The impact of such dependable rains is that the forest is blessed with spectacular waterfalls, rare orchids, and trees that have remained alive for close to thousands of years.

So put a hold on that order of snapper, grab a poncho or hat and head out for the wilds...

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