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The World's Best Wreck Diving--Scotland's Orkney Islands

Wars have been fought on the seas which surround the Orkney Islands since man first took to the water...and where there is Naval warfare, there are shipwrecks...dozens and dozens of shipwrecks. Here too, there are wrecks of merchant ships and fishermen--artifacts from long failed efforts at maritime commerce.

If you are looking to hoist a pint in a warm pub at night, and dive the fabulous sunken remains of the German Imperial fleet during the day, then a journey to Scapa Flow is an absolute must. Scapa flow is a large, natural harbor which lies at the heart of the Orkney Islands.

A four hour drive north from Scotland's capital city Edinburgh brings you to the small seaport of Scrabster, the departure point of the island ferry. After another few hours on the water, the North Sea to be exact, the ferry pulls into the calm of Scapa Flow.

From the ferry deck, the visitor can see, in the distance, the wreck of the Inverlane, a block ship. The Inverlane and many other ships were sunk purposefully in both the first and second world wars to keep marauding Germans out of the Scapa Flow. It was an effort which tragically failed. But the block ships still remain--a treasure for modern scuba divers.

Watch as StepOutdoors underwater correspondent Charlie West dives the block ships.

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