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photo of hiker near Vancouver


Mountain Biking on Vancouver Island

Located 20 miles across the Strait of Georgia from the Canadian metropolis of Vancouver, British Columbia's Vancouver Island offers a veritable playground for adventurous and semi-adventurous mountain-bikers willing to make the 20 minute plane trip across the strait.

Bikers, who find themselves whizzing past giant cedars and ancient Douglas Fir trees, might feel a bit like Hans Solo and Princess Leia in the famous Endor forest chase scene in 1983's Return of the Jedi. For those less-willing to risk life and limb, the island offers plenty of fire and park trails to enjoy the scenery.

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Vancouver Island Dream Paddle

Vancouver Island is hard to beat as a kayaker's dream destination. Some thirty miles off the coast of British Columbia has, in its 280 mile length, everything a paddler might want from coves, inlets and estuaries to open waters and a rugged Pacific coast. When you paddle these waters you'll see everything from whales and porpoise to migrating waterfowl. Campsites are abundant. And, with a little luck, you'll be able to catch and barbecue your dinner right on the same beach!

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